We help our clients with creative work, brand identity, and content production. We make movies, ads, designs, and creative content for all platforms.

Brand identity and creative production.

Roth Media is a brand identity and creative production house. We function as an in-house creative production studio, focusing mainly on IPs and projects within the business network.

We create experiences for the audience in many different forms. We use text, design, photo, film, audio, storytelling, and other creative tools to create an emotional connection between the audience and the brand.

When it comes to the brand-building process, we’re involved in all areas of design, brand strategy, and experience creation. We’re a trustworthy partner, from the first stages of visualization and sketching to the final product.

Emotional branding.

Nobel prize-winning research in neuroscience and behavioral economics has shown that despite most humans thinking they are rational creatures, we’re all very irrational and emotional when it comes to decision-making.

We specialize in emotional branding, a strategy where the key focus is to create feelings associated with the brand.